Air Compressor


Worked as a partener and agent, we can also offer you air compressor which is mainly used for PET blow moulding machine.Two stage and three stage high pressure air compressors are specially designed for PET blow molding machine.

      Such compressors has CE and ISO certificate. We have very good customer references from more than one hundred countries including Poland, Italy, France,Singapore, Canda, Malaysia , Mexico, New Zealand,Philipplines,Vietnam,South Africa,Iran,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,India, Dominicaetc, for our products.

      The manufacturer was joint venture with Ingersoll Rand from USA before 2000, and since 2000 year, it started to have its own factory, its own brand, its own market and our its reputation.It is famous in China because of PET industry, our air compressors are named as PET STAR by market.