At present, bottled water filling machine is the most commonly used equipment in pure water production process, and the most widely used desalination technology in high purity water preparation.Pure water filling machinery is by the pressure vessel, instrument, dosing metering pump assembled.Knowing that these assembly devices can solve the common problems that arise when making water purification.
Bottled water filling machine is pure water plant or mineral water plant special irrigation 3 gallons, 5 gallon bucket automatic filling equipment, the equipment is simple, only 1-2 workers can operate, is set disinfection, washing, Cover, gland and send out in one, using three-phase AC 380V power supply, widely used in towns, industrial and mining enterprises and individual units to use.The equipment is reliable, easy to operate, simple maintenance of microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system, is the bottle, filling and gland the whole process in a closed state to effectively prevent pure water or mineral water in the fillingThe process may occur in the secondary pollution, so that the real aseptic filling, is currently the most ideal pure water / mineral water filling equipment.