CIP Cleaning Device
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Technical features
CIP cleaning device can be used as a non-resolved production equipment, It can work for acid-washing, alkali washing hot washing as well as the simple operation method full automatic cleaning system. It almost has been uses in all foodstuff, beverage and pharmacy etc.
CIP cleaning device not only can clean the machine, but also can control the mi-crobiology

CIP cleaning device possess the following merits:
1. Make the production plan rationalize and improve the production ability
2. Comparing with washing in hand, it not only hasn’t influence the cleaning effect due to different operators, but also it can develop the product’s quality.
3. It can prevent the dangerous while cleaning operation and save the labor strength.
4. It can save the cleaning agent, steam, water and production cost.
5. It can increase the user year limit of the machine parts.
6. CIP cleaning device divides into manual and half-automatic and full-automatic kinds, which can be selected by users.

Main Technical parameters
Acid tank1000 Circular pipe heating2000 Circular pipe heating
Alkali tank1000 Circular pipe heating2000 Circular pipe heating
Water tank1000 Circular pipe heating1600 Circular pipe heating
Pump flow10m3/h10m3/h
Pump lift36m36m
Pump motor3kw3kw