Project Description

5000BPH Glass Bottle Production Line


Total Area of factory :400 M2
Machine Total Installed Power :50 KW

Remark: This production line is suitable for glass bottles, we also offer production lines used for PET plastic bottles, sachets, pouches, cups, cartons and so on.


There’re 6 machines in this water filling line.

This three-in-one machine for glass bottle integrates the functions of rinsing, filling and capping together. Based on advanced technology overseas and designed according to the filling processing demands of beer, wine, vodka and etc. It’s used for 200-2000ml glass bottles.

This machine is one kind of pasteurization machine developed for filling line to get products longer expiration date. It is necessary secondary sterilization equipment for automatic production line. This machine use water circulation spray sterilization, warm water gets cold, cold water cooling many sections of process method, sterilization temperature and time to arbitrarily regulate, applicable to all kinds of PET bottle, glass bottles, cans of etc of beverage pasteurizing.

This machine used to blow off the waters drops outside the bottle, dryer the bottle after filling machine with high pressure air, and prepare for the labeling.

This Labeling machine suit for differnet size round shape products, such as round jars ,round bottle, round cans in food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industries.
Shrink sleeve labeler, OPP labeler are also available.
This inkjet printer variable characters/languages/logos/fonts printing, it timing and counting printing. Automatic show of products counting, batch numbers, shift numbers.
Laser code printer is also available.
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