Project Description

6000BPH Carbonated Drink Production Line


Total Area of factory :1750M2
Machine Total Installed Power :200KW

Remark: This production line is suitable for PET plastic bottles, we also offer production lines used for glass bottles, sachets, pouches, cups and so on.


There’re 10 machines in this water filling line.

It is the main molding equipment for thermoplastics, or thermosetting plastics, using plastic molding dies to make plastic products of various shapes.
It is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes by blowing PET preforms, volume from 100 ml to 2000 ml, wide application for blowing mineral water bottles, soda bottles, and cola bottles and so on.
Different capacities machines are available for you to choose.
According to customer requirements and the source water quality, we adopt different equipments to produce pure water, mineral water, etc. The treatment capacity is 1-50 ton/hour. It can effectively get rid of muddy organic matter, iron, manganese and oxide, filter suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of microorganism and some of heavy metal ion in the water, reduce the hardness of the water to make all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state fresh water standard of fresh drink water.
Raw water pump—sand filter–active carbon—precision filter–high pressure pump—RO system–UV sterilizer–water tank
It’s a complete system used to produce carbonated drinks. It contains sugar melting tank, syrup filter, cooling tank, carbonated beverage mixer, water chiller and so on. Depend on your different formulations; we can customize machines for you.

This three-in-one machine for PET bottle integrates the functions of rinsing, filling and capping together. Based on advanced technology overseas and designed according to the filling processing demands of carbonated beverages. It’s used for 200-2000ml plastic bottles.

With two light pipes, inspect bottle water after filling function.
This machine used to blow off the waters drops outside the bottle, dryer the bottle after filling machine with high pressure air, and prepare for the labeling
This machine is used for beverage bottle labeling. It uses PVC label to stick on the bottles, totally automatic. It adopts equivalent PLC, positioning module, servo motor and frequency converter. Besides, its touch screen is featured with a humanized operation
Adhesive labeler, OPP labeler and other kinds labeling machines are also available

This machine use the United States SYNRAD-V30 RF laser machine, with high-speed galvanometer scanning system. It can clear print Chinese, English and patterns, and can reach the requirements to print on all similar products on the same machine.
Inkjet code printer, manual code printer are also available.

It can automatically array, aggregate and align PET beverage bottle or other similar articles, then package it with shrinking film, finally produce finished products after shrinking by heating, cooling and forming. The packaged product is firmly bound with excellent appearance, which can be opened conveniently.
Case packing machine, cardboard wrapping machine are also available.

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