Project Description

Air Conveyor

PET empty bottle conveyor consists of fan power device, straight air duct, turning air duct, ascending and descending air duct, diverging device, bottle dropping device and bottle clamping device.It USES the wind energy of the fan as the transmission power and USES the air duct of the bottle to store the wind, so that the empty bottle produced by the bottle blowing machine can be directly transported to the label attaching machine and filling machine for labeling and filling. The main structural parts of the air duct are made of 304 stainless steel, which can resist various weak acid, weak alkali and other corrosion. The bottleneck plate of the air feed card is a super high molecular polyethylene material with low friction resistance and wear resistance, which can guarantee a long service life.

The whole line control system adopts PLC, man-machine interface, frequency converter and ultrasonic sensor. When there are too many bottles, too few bottles, normal, stacking and climbing, etc., the automatic lifting frequency of the fan is realized through ultrasonic sensor, and it is not affected by the transparency, color, reflectance and dust of the bottle, so as to realize automatic control of program action. It can reduce secondary pollution of empty bottles, save packaging cost and labor cost. The system has the characteristics of energy saving, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple control, easy adjustment, easy cleaning and so on. It meets the hygienic requirements of food and packaging industry, and is an ideal equipment for transporting bottles.