Project Description

Automatic Glass Bottled Beer Filling Capping 3 In 1

This glass bottle beer filling machine is suitable for packing beer or gas containing beverage. Its performance is as following: all parts, for instance, filling valve, which directly contact medium are made of stainless steel or harmless material. So it conforms to the requirements of Food sanitation.
This beer filling machine is used for washing ,filling and capping various kind of glass bottle with crown type cap of beer filling machine. Beer Filling Machine adopts advanced “Secondary Vacuum and High Pressure Bubble Injection” technology to decrease oxygen content and improve the taste of beer; with precise pressure control and automatic defective bottle detection function, final product of Beer Filling Machine realizes perfect quality at all times.
Washing part is made up of lifting device, the main transmission device, the fixed frame, clamp device, distributor, and open clamp cams and over turn cams etc.
>>Lifting device is used to adjust the height of the rotary tables and clamps of machine to adapt to the bottle height. Its power comes from the lifting lever. Lever rotates drive screw rotation to realize the rotary tables lift.
>>When the clamp rotate to star wheel with rotating table, bottle into the middle of clamp, open clamp cam close the clip claw and clip the bottleneck with the rotating clamp. When rotary tables to rotate, clamp pieces will rotate with over turn cam, guide cams rotates around over turn cam and flip the bottleneck to 180 degree till the bottle mouth is top downwards and directly face the spray nozzle, then the clean water in the spray nozzle sprays and wash the inside of the bottle, Drain, turn 180 degree downwards and then goes out from the star wheel.
Filling part is made up of main liquid pipe, rotating cylinder bearing base, filling cylinder fulcrum loop, wine or carbonated drink tank, filling valve, filling cylinder pipe, control loop device, ascending device, the distributor, height adjusting control, stimulating bubble arm, vacuum system, etc.
>>Glass bottle filling machine is specially designed according to the beer feature, and the filling part is designed to be twice pre-evacuation.
Capping part is made up of cap holder, capping sildeway, capping upper part, capping lower part, elevating part and anti-circling column.
>>The up and down movement of the capping nozzle is driven by the capping cam, which is fixed. The crown caps are sending to the cap sildeway by a mixer in the cap container, and then slid to the capping mould of the capping nozzle.
>>The capping nozzle is driven by power and move in circle. The capping nozzle would move upword and downward one time in each circle of the capping. The cam, set up in the upper fixed part of the capping machine, controls the upward and downward movement of the capping nozzle.
>>After the bottle is transmitted from the filling machine, the capping nozzles have been fed with a bottle cap. The capping nozzles moves downwards the bottle under the capping platform driven by cam guildeway, then the bottle cap with the aid of the damping ring.
Rising heads12182432
Filling heads12182432
Capping heads6688
Bottle DiameterCommonly 50-100mm (can adjustable)
Bottle HeightCommonly 150-310mm(can adjustable)
Rising pressure0.2-0.25Mpa
Overall size2130*1700*23502450*1800*23502780*2200*23503600*2650*2350
Suitable cap shapeCork,crown cover,aluminum screw cap28 or 30 mm

Semi Auto Bottle Washing Filling Sealing Machine

It is a semi-automatic multiple-function washing, filling and capping unit. Three parts connect with one line .It is used in washing, filling and sealing all kinds of non-air drinks such as fruit juice, oil & vinegar, beer, wine, fruit wine, mineral water and pure water. The line has features of unique design, new style, complete functions, multi-purpose, convenient in operation, beautiful construction, high automation.
Suitable cap shape:Cork,crown cover,aluminum screw cap

ItemDescriptionUnitModel: RM-12
2Main Material :/Stainless Steel 304
3Production CapacityB/hour1000Bottle/hour
4Bottle Diameter Range/50-100mm
5Bottle Heightmm150-310mm
6Filling Temperature 5-90degree
7Filling Pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
8Motor/Siemens Brand
9Controller Ways/Electromagnetic speed regulating
10Speed Reducer/Made-In-China
ItemDescriptionUnitModel: RM-12
2Main Material :/Stainless Steel 304
3Production CapacityB/hour1000bottle/hour
4Bottle Diameter Range/50-100mm
5Bottle Heightmm150-310mm
6Filling Temperature 5-90°C
7Filling Pressure 0.2~0.3Mpa
8Motor/Siemens Brand
9Controller Ways/Electromagnetic Speed Regulating
10Speed Reducer/Made-In-China ,Best Brand
12Weight 1000kg
2Main Material :/Stainless steel 304
3Production CapacityB/hour1000bottle/hour
4Bottle diameter range/50-100mm
5Bottle Heightmm150-310mm
6Motor/Siemens Brand
8Weight 400kg
ChainsEngineering plastic no noise
Material of frameStainless Steel 304