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The bottle unscrambler’s working principle is through centrifugal force and orientation drop device to arrange the empty PET bottles well and send them out. The bottle unscramble is connected with air conveyor system.
The bottle unscrambler is composed of round barrel, umbrella tower, drop device, drive system, and a matched elevator which is to send the empty PET bottles to the main machine. On the unscramble there is inspector which controls the storage quantity of the bottle in the main machine.

Technical features

It could handle different bottles according to customer’s need.

The cooperated work of PLC control and speed frequency inverter assures the synchronization of the production line.

Bottle discharge is controlled by synchronized belt and starwheel to guarantee the stable bottle outlet without bottle tilting and bottle squeezing.

Centralized lubrication system is set for lubrication at right time and right place with right doze

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