Project Description

Automatic Can Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

(1)(30-400 cans/minute)fruit juice and tea beverage production line
(2) (30-300 cans/minute)effervescent beverage and beer production line

It adopts the normal pessure filling principle. After it passes through the dialing wheel, the empty can will enter into the lift can supporting disc, and the filling valve is aligned with the empty can, which will rise for sealing. Meanwhile, the valve port of the filling valve is automatically opened. When the filling can will be conveyed to the sealing machine head by the hok chain. The cap will be sent onto the can mouth by the cap rises, the pressing head presses he can mouth, the sealing wheel aries out resealing and then real sealing. After it is sealed, the can is pushed out by the beating head of the cap beating mechanism and then enters into the can discharging procedure.
The main electric components include PLC, frequency converter and proximity switch of Japan Mitsubishi analog output module of Germany Siemens and solenoid valve of South Korea. All common malfunctions will send out alarms automatically and malfunction causes and positions will be given correspondingly.

The number of capping head44
The number of filling head1812
Production capacity30~250cans/min30~170cans/min
Can DiameterΦ52.5~99mmΦ52.5~99mnm
Can Height39~160mm39~160mm
The number of capping head6
The number of filling head36
Production capacity0~400cans/min
Can DiameterΦ52.5~99mm
Can Height39~160mm