Project Description

Carton Conveyor

The power roller line is a main conveying accessory in the conveying equipment, and is a cylindrical composition that automatically drives the conveyor belt or changes its conveying direction.
The power roller line is widely used in cost packaging and transportation in all walks of life, as well as turnover transmission.
Power roller line parameters
1. Roller material: galvanized, aluminized, stainless steel, pvc material, etc.
2. Roller form: double-sprocket cone type drum; O-slot roller, ordinary cone type roller.
3, the length of the roller: generally 500 ~ 1200mm; can be customized according to user needs.
4, wire body bracket: stainless steel, aluminum profiles, carbon steel spray and so on.
5. Conveying speed: generally 10~30M/min; it can be continuously operated by frequency conversion speed regulation according to user requirements.
6. Non-standard power roller lines are customized according to specific requirements.