Project Description

Automatic Glass Bottled Champagne Filling Capping 3 In 1

Product Application
This Sparkling Wine Filling Machine is my company’s introduction of German Technology, combined with the characteristics of carbonated drink production industry, designed to develop carbonated drink filling equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved rinsing, filling, cover screwing, disinfection sterilization and other functions.
We are the professional automatic 3 in 1 Sparkling Wine Filling Machine manufacturer in China.
General Information
1. This Sparkling Wine Filling Machine is used for Glass bottle.
2. Its Capacity about 2000BPH-3000BPH based on 500ML Bottle.
3. This Filling Machine is used for sparkling Champagne filling line, bottle sparkling Champagne filling machine, bottle sparkling Champagne filling line, sparkling water filling machine, water filling machine.

Washing nozzle1218
Filling nozzle1218
Capping nozzle66
Motor power(KW)2.23.5
Way of fillingFilling at equal pressure
Filling temperature(℃)2-5

Semi Auto Bottle Washing Filling Sealing Machine

It is a semi-automatic multiple-function washing, filling and capping unit. Three parts connect with one line .It is used in washing, filling and sealing all kinds of non-air drinks such as fruit juice, oil & vinegar, beer, wine, champagne,fruit wine, mineral water and pure water. The line has features of unique design, new style, complete functions, multi-purpose, convenient in operation, beautiful construction, high automation.
Suitable cap shape:Cork,crown cover,aluminum screw cap