Project Description

Automatic cup filling and sealing machine

It can be widely used for automatic filling and sealing of liquid paste such as juice, jelly, water, yogurt, ice cream, salad, condiment, beverage and chocolate.

1. The whole machine adopts a mature PLC control system, and the application of each action interlock function makes the whole machine run stably;
2. The whole machine adopts pneumatic control,with high filling precision and firm sealing;
3. It can accurately adjust the filling amount and realize the full automation of filling sealing of cup box with different capacity of the same caliber;
4. The template material is acid-proof aluminum,which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion;
5. The pneumatic components adopt Taiwan’s “AIRTAC”,and the main electrical components, such as PLC, relay and temperature controller, are all made of Japan omron and other well-known domestic and foreign brands.
6.CE quality assurance

Model RM-2 RM -4 RM -6 RM -8 RM -10 RM -12
Voltage 三相四线380V/50HZ 3Phases 4lines 380V/50HZ
Power 2KW/H 3.2KW/H 5KW/H 6.5KW/H 8.2KW/H 9.5KW/H
Output C/H 1500-2000 3000-4000 4500-6000 6500-7500 7000-10000 11000-15000
Air pressure 0.65-0.85MPA
Air consumption 0.6m³/s 0.7m³/s 0.8m³/s 0.8m³/s 0.9m³/s 1.0m³/s
Dimension(L*W*H) 3000*600*1600mm 3200*700*1600mm 3200*800*1600mm 3500*900*1600mm 3500*750*1600mm 3500*800*1600mm
Weight 700kg 750kg 800kg 850kg 900kg 1000kg
Film Material: Roll Film / Aluminum film