Project Description

Domestic Laser Printer

RM90C Laser Printer
RM90C series laser printer can print marks on the surface of various materials without corrosion, abrasion, poison and pollution, can print all kinds of words, symbols or complex patterns, etc., the character size can be from millimeter to micron magnitude, the handwriting of the mark is clear and striking, cannot erase forever, this has special significance to the product’s anti-counterfeiting and tracing.RM90C series sprayer can make non-contact high quality laser coding for fast moving products. The equipment is installed flexibly and can operate freely even in the flow production line with extremely complex working conditions.

Power10W/30WCooling modeAir cooling
Laser wavelength10.6μmTemperature15℃-35℃
Print area70mm*70mm/90mm*90mm/110mm*110mm(可选)System operation environmentWinCE
Print depth≤0.5Average assumption≤0.6kw
Print speed≤10000mm/sPressureAC220V 50Hz
Line width0.03mmDimension620mm*520mm*1480mm
Character0.2mmTotal weight70KG
Positioning accuracy0.01mm  

Printing materials
PET, acrylic, glass, leather, plastic, cloth, paper box, rubber, such as mineral water bottles, cooking oil, red wine bottles, video packaging bags, etc.

RM90F Laser Printer
RM90F series laser printers use laser beams to permanently mark the surfaces of various materials. The effect of the spray code is to expose the deep matter by evaporation of the surface material, or to “carve” the mark by chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy, or to burn some materials by light energy, and to show the patterns, characters, barcodes, two-dimensional codes and other graphics that need to be etched.

Power10W/20WCooling modeAir cooling
Laser wavelength1064nmTemperature15℃-35℃
Print area70mm*70mm/110mm*110mm/160mm*160mm(可选)System operation environmentWinCE
Print depth≤0.2mmAverage assumption≤0.6kw
Print speed≤10000mm/sPressureAC220V 20A50Hz
Line width0.012mmDimension600mm*500mm*1400mm
Character0.2mmTotal weight60KG
Positioning accuracy±0.003mm  

Print material
Metals, non-metals, ABS, PVC, PE, PPR, PC, CPP, PA, PPO polyethylene materials, etc.

Domestic Ink Jet Printer

Detailed description
More advanced power systems
RM adopts the unique global power system, has a number of national patents, comprehensively innovates the power structure of the speed-code machine, greatly enhances the power supply capacity of the speed-code machine, and is currently the latest high-end and most stable power system of the speed-code machine at home and abroad.
More perfect printing function
RM realizes the spray printing function of the code printer and the editing function can be carried out synchronously, without interference, and the spray printing content can be updated in real time. The contents and parameters of the spray printing are stored at the same time. It is not necessary to reset the parameters when invoking the spray printing content.
More simplified ink structure
RM adopts the innovative design of the ink road structure, which greatly simplifies and improves the complicated pipeline structure inside the inkjet printer. Meanwhile, it reduces the number and length of the pipeline, making the internal ink road structure clearer and clearer, and improving the installation and maintenance efficiency.

Print objectClear and firm text marks can be sprayed on any surface of any material at any positionStorage information32 groups
Print lines1-5linesEdit modeFree editing of characters and patterns
Print distance5-15mm(adjustable)Pressure220±10%
H*W dots5*5/5*7/7*9/8*12/8*16/12*24/12*12/1*16/24*24/


Font height3-10mm adjustabletemperature0-50℃
Font wider1-9 times optional(single line overstriking)Humidity≤90%
Print speed180m/min(single line)Case material304stainless steel
Print direct360°Omnidirectional printingWeight13kg
Print contentChinese, English characters, Numbers, graphicsCase dimension320*180*450mm
Color of inkBlack/white/colorsNozzle dimension39*43*150mm