Project Description

Flat Conveyor

Flat conveyor
Modern high-speed lines also demand intelligent system components for their intermediate sections.Being an individually customised conveyor,the SynCo container conveyor contributes to a trouble-free production at a large degree.

-Conveyor for cans,glass or PET containers
-Distributes,combines and stores up to 120,000 containers per hour
-Individual conveyor design due to flexible functional modules
-Intelligent solutions for control systems
-Energy-saving components

Multi-lane conveyor
A fixed component of the conveyance concept comes in the form of sensors which continually measure the conveyors’efficiency.If necessary,our sophisticated buffer systems are employed:No matter,if the bottles displace themselves or if the conveyor distance is simply extended-the top priority is gentle bottle treatment.

-If required,this system buffers via the displacement mechanism
-Uniform storage period for every container by means of the first-in-first-out principle
-Low-pressure buffer system with a high capacity on short transport sections
-Ideal for confined spare parts management through the use of well-proven standard chains


-Cans as well as cylindrical glass or PET containers
-For areated and non-areated containers