Project Description

Fresh Fruit Processing System


1.For cleaning fruits and vegetables
2. After passing through a fillter, the water recycles to use
3. During cleaning, feeding of fruit or vegetable continues and they rotate in all directions
4. The circulating water pushes raw materials to the exit. It is incorporated with and

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity T/hPower KWOverall Dimensions mm

This equipment is mainly used to pick out unqualified fruits and vegetables from material, such as decayed fruit; eat by mouth and other sundries.

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity T/hPower KWOverall Dimensions mm

1、The chain-plate and chain-wheel are made by die pressing, It is of block assembing
2、The chain-plate is made of high-strength engineering plastics which meets the requirement of foodstuff hygiene
3. According to different working conditions, the linear speed is infinitely adjustable.

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity T/hPower KWOverall Dimensions mm
RM-10101.5Its dimensions VS cording to cllstomers

Double layer pot is an indirectly heating equipment using steam as heat source. In generally it applies to melt sugar or heat processing for fruit juice.

Main Technical Parameters
① Working pressure (MPa)<0.15
② Heating area(m20.12
③ Max. slanting angle90°
④ Power (kw)1.5Kw
⑤ Overall dimension(mm)1200*1000*1100
⑥ Weight260

It is mainly used in crushing apple, peach ,pear and so on.

Main Technical Parameters
Production capacity T/h2.5
Knift turning speed r/min750
Power (kw)2.2
Overall dimension(mm)1050X650X1250

Suitable for continuous pre-cooking of small-sized or crushed fruits and vegetables.

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity T/hPower KWOverall Dimensions mm

The equipment is used in beating discarding residue of fruit or vegetable material. Juice is automaticly separated from residue. Special in precessing mango, peach, apple and other walnut kinds of fruit. The dispit beater contains the rotating parts of sieve-mesh of the normal beater.

Main Technical Parameters
ModelTreatment capacity (t/h)Power KWOverall Dimensions mmWeight

This machine is suitable for extracting juice from grape, tomato, fruits and vegetables. Its range of extracting ratio is very wide. The space between screw stem and cylinder can be adjusted according to different material extracted

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity (T/h)Power (KW)Overall Dimensions (mm)Weight(kg)

This machine is widely used to dewater process in large or middle scale factories for juice production, vitamin C. alcohol, wine, amylum as well as industrial polluted compressing and high juice (water) extracted ratio. Using gasbag to control. The filtering belt can rectify declation automatically. So the machine can work continuously.

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity (T/h)Power (KW)Juice(water) output rateOverall Dimensions (mm)
RM-5517Above 80%4000*1970*2100
RM-2.52.511Above 80%3500*1350*2100

This series of colloid mill is new type of wet ultra-micron particle
precessing machine, It is suitable for all milky liquids to homogenization, emulification and comminution. It is widely used in foodstuff, fruit
catsup , fruit juice, soymilk, milk and beverage industry, as well as used
in daily chemical Industry, such as medicine, syrup sino-medicine, syrup
sino-medicine and paste medicine, All pares touching with medium are made of stainless.

Main Technical Parameters
ModelCapacity (T/h)Power (KW)Weight(Kg)Overall Dimensions (mm)
RM -1300.5-211420550*550*140