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Fully Automatic Bottle Conveyor System

Productivity: 5000-36000 bottles/hour

sterilizing time: about 15-40 seconds.

It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of caps. In which haven’t been disinfected by themal tea.Fruit juice which having been filled in PET bottle. In mainly consist of chief conveying chain system, support, bottle reversing chain system, bottle reversing guiding rod and bottle repositioning rod, use its inner thermal medium to disinfect bottle mouth and caps without any other heat source, so it can save energy. The machine is fully made of SUS304 stainless steel, more convenient in operation. Productivity: 5000-36000 bottles/hour, sterilizing time: about 15-40 seconds.
1. The sterilizing chain is composed of two perpendicular conveyor belts and which are synchronous running.
2. Every piece of chain conveyor board fixed a rubber pad to ensure that the process of reversing bottles to maintain a certain interval and no sliding.
3. A conveyor belt from the level to the vertical, after a certain distance and then from a vertical to the level; Another from a vertical to the level, after a certain distance and then from the level to vertical; There is a group of working face among them which always keeps vertical relations and the realization of the bottle automatic reversing bottles purposes

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