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Bottled Beer & Wine Filling Machine

Bottled Beer Filling.

Capacity:5000BPH to 21000BPH

This line can be used for wine,spirits,alcohol etc.

Suitable For PET,Glass Bottles with different volume and type


As for glass bottled beer package process requirement, we developed the lasted glass bottle beer packaging equipment, which can provide complete high efficiency beer filling production line for beer breweries.



All kinds of beer


Suitable for

Glass bottles with all volumes and shapes


Filling method

Filling system: isobaric filling


Production capacity

2,000BPH – 18,000BPH (750ml)

Technical features:

  • The whole machine takes PLC controller which consists of electric control cabinet, touch screen and so on. With hanging bottle-neck to reduce time for changing parts.
  • Easy to operate with concentrate lubricating system.
  • The original design for rising makes function of not opening valve without bottles, and stopping machine without rinsing. All the parts connected with rinsing liquid is used from excellent stainless steel with high antisepsis.
  • Adopt bottle clip for filling as the unique filling process, with cover which guarantees acurate seal for bottle mouth and filling valve. PLC controller ensures it easy to operate.
  • Capping part adopts advanced high grade energy megnetism to ensure adapt and capping quality. Cap sorter sorts caps based on gear ring choosing theory, with high effecency and precision.
  • All parts connected with beverage are made of excellent stainless steel. CIP , along with the filling path, can clean all parts connected with beverage totally.

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