Project Description

Hot-melt adhesive sleeve labeling machine

1. The adjustment of label cutting blade is easy and simple;
2. Vacuum-grip cylinder is made of high hardness material, the additional old handler can reduce the frictions of labels and prevent static electricity;
3. The change-over of spare parts can be finished within 10minutes;
4. The position of cutting blade can be quickly and accurately adjusted by manual control cabinet;
5. Vacuum-grip cylinder and cutting unit adopt special materials which \ are wear proof and heat protection;
6. The self-adjustment knob can reset the l-MARK position while change the cutting length of labels;
7. Label type: OPP label in rolls

Production speed 1-30m/min
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Labeling max width 120mm
Weight 1500KG
Label inner diameter cp76.2mm
Label outer diameter cp350 mm
Outline size 3000*1500*2000 mm
Using power 380 V 50Hz 800W