Project Description

Laser Printer

Technical Parameters of System:

  • Laser Power:>30W
  • Machine Power:800w
  • Line Speed:≤150m/min(according to the markers and its material)
  • Flight Marking Row No:10rows
  • Minimum Line Width:0.15mm
  • Minimum Character:0.40mm
  • Repeatability:±0.01mm
  • Laser Wave Length 10.6μm,Divergence Angle Mrad 7.5mrad;
  • The Max. Marking Speed: 7000mm/s;
  • Marking Range:110mm×110mm adjustable,Support English letters, Arabic numbers and pictures.
  • Best Printing Interval≥1mm;
  • Power Requirements: AC 220V/50HZ,5A;
  • Working Environment Temperature: 5℃~45℃,Humidity 10%~90%,no condensing;
  • Currently supported communication interface RS232 standard serials and Ethernet interfaces;

Features and Performance

  • Air cooling system, with long continuous working ability;
  • A30 laser inkjet printer laser power is 30W,clear printing, English words and patterns, and can reach all similar products on the same machine marking requirements.
  • A30 laser inkjet printer adopts American CO2 RF laser、high-speed galvanometer scanning system and our company self-developed and researched control software, fast speed, good light pattern,stable function and high system configuration;
  • Full closed optical system, better protect the optics from impacts of the external environment;
  • Stable easy and convenient main beam lifting mechanism, to adapt to different assembly line coding with the different positions and shapes;
  • Use the professional fiber optic probe, to achieve seamless marking, no missing marking。
  • Equipped a extracted smoking device, can quickly drain away the smoke producing from the marking, to protect the marking area environment(option).
  • Windows operating system, English interface, standard keyboard, mouse operation, the device is equipped with a standard expansion interface for easy hardware expansion;

Overall size of machine

  • Main Control Cabinet:490mm×390mm×350mm
  • Main Bridge:780mm×140mm×205mm

The Introduction of Software
Adopting labeling control software developed by our company and Taiwan Xingcheng,
The software using Windows XP as the operating platform, English interface, the system is simple, flexible and convenient to change. Specially for rapid assembly line marking operation, has the following characteristics:

  • Friendly graphical user interface, easy to operate, easy to learn, good the graphics processing capabilities, support for graphics generation, move, stretch, rotate, mirror, copy, delete and other functions.
  • Enhanced typographical features, supporting TTF font and SHX font, can be automatically generated bitmap fonts, supporting a variety of file formats import, such as JPG, BMP bit Figure and the PLT file generated by CorelDRAW, AutoCAD.
  • Automatic marking serial number, and set the font, font size, word spacing, tilt, curved arrangement arbitrarily
  • Provide the most convenient and accurate correction method, to make up for scanning galvanometer error in the installation process.
  • Intelligent control interface, flexible connection with a variety of automation equipment and sensors.
  • Customized software are available

Working condition
1. Temperature : 5~45℃ (it is recommended to install a air condition;)
2. Humidity :10% -90%. No condensation, it is recommended to install a dehumidifier;
3. Power:220V;50Hz; or other requirements
4. Power grid fluctuation: ± 5%, the grid ground line with national requirements. The voltage amplitude more than 5% of the region, should be retrofitted with automatic voltage regulator, steady flow device;
5. No strong electromagnetic signal interference near device
6. Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05 g. Avoid stamping machine equipment in the vicinity
7. Air pressure:86-106kpa;

Ink Jet Printer

Mark characteristics

  • The stallion print head
  • Stalg print head (print resolution: 71 dpi)
  • Stalm nozzle (spray printing resolution: 115 dpi)
  • Scans print up to 5 lines
  • Registration speed: 6.6 m/s
  • Dimensions: 5 o ‘clock to 32 o ‘clock
  • Dimensions: 1.2 to 11.2 mm
  • Various one – and two-dimension codes are available: EAN8/EAN13/UPCA/UPCE bar codes, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, Datamatrix and QR codes
  • Various language characters are available: Latin, Arabic, ancient Slavic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc


  • Fraud repository (up to 1,000 pieces of information)
  • Throughout the universal man – machine interface, there are many languages available
  • The seven-inch touchscreen found in the scans: displays the remaining printable hours and information in real time; Integration of auxiliary and alarm systems; Simplify the process of information printing and management; The user can create configuration files; Track consumption and printer availability
  • Charges USB and SD ports
  • The spray speed control ensures the quality of identification
  • The font is automatically selected based on the registration speed and printing distance
  • Various ink options are available: multi-purpose, high-performance ink; Alcohol, non – ketone and non – butanone inks
  • The 0.8 liter sealing ink tank with anti-freeze function
  • The coupling sensors, alarm lights, encoders, etc. are connected with fast connections
  • Stallion master/slave connection
  • Aspect Ethernet interface
  • Overhaul specific date management (rounding date function)

Other features

  • Overall weight: 25 kg
  • The overhaul desktop installation or vertical installation
  • The spleen has a super soft 3 meter long soft throat
  • Overhaul stainless steel case and print head cover
  • Cleaning/moisture-proof protection grade: IP56 does not require a factory gas source
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 40 ° C (depending on the use of ink)
  • Throughout humidity: 10% to 90% without condensation
  • Throughout power supply: 100-120 v or 200-240 v with automatic switch; Frequency: 50/60 Hz; Power: 60 volts
  • optional
  • Aspect printing promotional code function and on-call read function
  • The spleen has a super soft 6-meter long soft throat
  • Overhaul IP66 protection grade (requires plant gas source)
  • Throughout 9450 c is used for pigment inks
  • Aspect high speed mode enables high-speed printing
  • Overhaul head positive pressure protection device
  • Throughout rs-232/422 interfaces, parallel ports, and multiple I/O interfaces are available for remote control


  • One of the most important support systems in the sport involves a vertical bracket (stainless steel or aluminum), a table bracket, or a wall bracket
  • Playful printing head bracket: vertical stent (stainless steel) and a wide range of stent options
  • Mixer sensor
  • Mixer encoder
  • Fraud alarm light (24 v)


  • Fraud is compatible with CoLOS Create Professional and CoLOS Enterprise
  • Stalos Graphics are used to create the logo