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Description :

It is an ideal machine for printing, which is suitable for 5 days of each week, 6 to 8 hours each day’s printing work. This printing machine is easy to maintain. Operators needn’t to adjust it again even the machine is off for several days. It is collocated aptitude ink box with aptitude chip, easy to change.

This machine is mainly designed for basic printing work, which can also satisfy the work on production line.
Because this printing machine is collocated aptitude ink box with aptitude chip, it can determine if position of ink box is correct or not, avoiding of mistakes. Its unique design makes it use up all the ink without vestige, to realize saving cost. Operators need not infuse printing ink with hands to prevent spillage and waste.

Integration core integrates the key printing system as a module. For low use frequency, you can just make maintenance every 6000 hours or each 18 months. Stopwatch on the operating interface will display time for changing machine core, and the changing work is easy. Such design can make customers change it within 30 minutes themselves without requiring technician to change at locale.

Through USB to connect the printing machine is very easy, and it allows hot plug and msgsaver. Corrective maintenance can also be realized via interface easily.

Features :

Excellent printing quality

It will make clearest marks. It can orientate every drop of ink preciously, so the marks can always be clear to read. If the environment changes, the dynamic adjusting function of the machine can adjust automatically to ensure the printing quality.

Advanced capability

The linage can reach to 3 of printing. And the speed can be 162m/min (about 533 inch/min) while single linage printing.
It is with standard USD connector, picture and msgsaver.

Easy to maintain

6000 hours’ constant working without maintenance.
Without pollution, without waste, without mistakes.

Good barrier property

Standard IP55 protection levels.

Basic coding with increased uptime and easy maintenance

Designed for low duty applications, the Videojet 1210 is the perfect product to fulfil applications that involve printing codes 8 to 10 hours per day / 5 days a week. The printer is engineered to keep your line up and running longer. It is designed for customers with simple coding needs and is ideal for the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetics industries.

Simpler operation

Simple, icon driven user interface and innovative features make printer operation easier than ever. The print head automatically calibrates and cleans itself for consistent performance and longer print runs. The Smart Cartridge ink delivery system prevents spills during replacement - reducing waste and operating costs.

Less maintenance

The Videojet 1210 operates for 6000 hours (more than 24 months in a one shift operation!) without requiring preventative maintenance. An alert appears when it's time to change the modular core - no more messy filter replacement.

Superior print quality

The 1000 Line produces the sharpest codes in the industry. It delivers superior print quality ensuring that every drop is precisely placed - time after time. Dynamic Calibration maintains consistent print quality, even as environmental conditions change.


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