Project Description

CBL1000 Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

This machine is widely used in packaging milk, soy milk, soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine and various liquids. The whole packaging process: film sterilization→bag making→date printing→filling→sealing→cutting and counting. The temperature of heating sealing can be controlled automatically. The machine adopts stainless steel structure, which totally meets the hygienic requirements.

Bag length range (mm)50-15050-250100-400
Bag width range (mm)65-15065-17565-210
Packing film width (mm)150-320150-380150-450
Packing capacity (ml)50-500200-1050500-2000
Packing capacity (bags/h)1100-13001100-1300800-1000
Motor power (kw)
Dimension (mm)1050*850*20501050*850*20501200*850*2050
Machine weight (kg)370380460
Packing methodStandard export wooden boxStandard export wooden boxStandard export wooden box