Project Description

Oil rotary type filling machine

1.It’s a unique design combining the three machines of bottle washing, filling and capping in one to decrease main power, to save space and to diminish the air pollution among the three machines.
2.The parts which contact with drinks are made of high quality SUS304 and food-grade rubber.
3.Our capacity have 3000- 6000 BPH, it’s works for 500 ml PET or glass bottle.
5.This water filling equipment adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing, filling and capping.
6.All of electrical system use famous international brand, for example, Mitsubish, Omron brand .
7.High reliability, high efficiency, easy to maintain and operate.

1.intelligent contact screen, human design, easy operation.
2.Imported filling valve, avoiding drop leaking, accurate filling quantity.
3.Program logic controller(PLC), easy for changing size or modifying parameters.
4.Pneumatic elements are all imported, stability and reliability.
5.Accurate liquid sensing, automatically adding liquid, ordinary pressure flow passage parameters
6.Solely and specially-designed whole lifting device, easy governing to meet the needs of all kindsof container packing
7.Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle.
8.Pneumatic executive control valve, high efficiency and safety. Each flow passage can be separately governed and cleaned.
9.Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles.
10.The whole machine is designed according to requirements of buyer’s.

1.SUS304 filling valve, rapid gravity filling , accurate bottle liquid level and without any liquid loss.
2.The machine obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high degree automation and easy operation.
1.Screw cap , Press cap, Crown cap …etc. is optional according to customers request. Different cap use different capping head.
2.The Magnetic torque cap screw cap achieve capture cap, screw cap function. Screw cap force is refusal stepless adjustable, with a constant force refuse to spin seal plastic cap function
3.Not hurt cap ,sealing is tight and reliable.

model filling heads capping heads capacity(b/h) 500ml motor power (kw) Diameter of bottle (mm)
RM8-3 8 3 3000 3.25 40-90mm
RM12-5 12 5 4000 4.7 55-110mm
RM18-6 18 6 6000 5.32 55-110mm

Linear Type Oil Filling Machine

Filling of oil products, includes edible oil and industrial oil. Such as peanut oil, palm oil, blending oil, lubricating oil and so on. The filling of oil products requires high precision and hygienic degree, and it is easy to absorb the surface of parts due to the high volatility of products. In order to solve these problems, reliable has gone through several years of continuous improvement, not only mastering the core filling technology, but also improving the appearance of the equipment to ensure accurate filling, hygienic operation and container appearance with product residues

This machine is high-tech filling machine. It is suitable for the filling of liquids, like washing liquids, detergent, oil, milk, juice, etc. widely used in food fields
Main performance and structure features:
1. Control system – with Mitsubishi PLC control system, filling dose of random tuning
2. Operation interface – colorful screen interface, human-machine interface is simple, safe and reliable
3. Feature Enhancements-Cutting with anti-drip device, it can dive to fill with materials.(This feature can be optional)
4. Electrical components-using internationally renowned brands to ensure the equipment is reliable and of high accuracy.
5. Mechanical components-the main parts is made of high quality stainless steel frame, contact part is made of stainless steel316.
6. Extensions –can be customized for specific configuration requirements, such as :material sealed, heating, sterilization, etc.
7. Count testing – real-time count, reflecting on the work output directly.
8. Filling Detection-No bottle, or when bottle filling number is not enough, no filling.

1.Adopt agile module combination, new ideal design, suit to various bottle and cap-rotating.
2.Neednt change parts, easily adjust.
3.Easy operation and convenient for maintenance.
4.Capping system is consist of first rotating and re-rotating the degree of moment which can adjusted. Ensure that will be tight. The screw capper has clutch to avoid the cap over-rotating
5.Bottle nipping and annular belt structure, Good effect for some bottles erecting unsteadily.
6.Cap arranging part, conveying part, cap-rotating, belt for bottle, nipping, all of speed can be governing separately, which is more utility.
7.Choosing automatic cap-sender and cap hopper
8.The plastic bottle cap sealing machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.

Glass bottle olive oil filling machine

Straight line filling screw (rolling) cover machine is our company’s traditional series of filling and sealing equipment, suitable for a variety of round, shaped bottle filling screw (rolling) cover.
According to different materials, metal pump, glass pump, ceramic pump, peristaltic pump and other filling methods can be adopted. According to the difference of bottle cap, the way of hanging cap, pressing cap and removing cap can be adopted. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

1.Easy to operate, the bottle, filling, top cover, screw cap and bottle out by the machine.
2.PLC control, no bottle, no filling, no cover, accurate measurement
3.Magnetic torque screwcap, no wear, adjustable torsion, no damage to bottle and cover.
4.The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirement.