Project Description

pasta labeling machine

Technical parameter:
 Labeling speed: 60bottles/minutes
 Labeling precision: ±1-2 mm
 Label height: 220-242mm
 Label length: 327mm
 Bottle high: 50-390mm
 Bottle diameter: 100mm
 Machining size: 2500*950*1200mm
 Power: 220V 50Hz(60Hz)1.75kw (according to the customer)
 Weight: 650kg
 Apply the bottle:round glass bottle
According to your bottles and labels to make the machine
 All mechanically operated design with all transmission mechanism in enclosed oil-bath thus ensures smooth and quite low noise.
 Conveyor load lower top surface and turn table made of stainless steel for durability and ease in cleaning
 Good for both individual operation and connection
 Small floor place. Compact and easing move-able with Casters
 Most suitable for small standard of round bottle labeling in chemical Pharmaceutical food and beverage industries.