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PE Film Shrink Wrapper Machine

 It is widely applied for the packaging of beverage, food, medical, chemical engineering and so on. Without tray and carton, the products could be packed to square shape, round shape and flat shape. According to the output, it is categorized to moderate and low speed line and moderate and high speed line.

Technical features:

  • It is of reasonable structure and stable performance.
    In this machine, mechanical synchronized transmission and electric multispindle servo synchronization are combined. Thus the exactness of the mechanical transmission is enhance and the machine’s structure is more reasonable and reliable.
  • Advanced performance
    World advanced technology is applied in this machine, such as the servomotor’ synchro control technology, film cooling technology, film tension control technology, bottle non pressure control technology.
  • High degree of automation
    The machine adopts advanced photoelectric control technology. The control system is composed of special coder, PLC, advanced detecting element and famous international electromagnetic clutch. It could detect the station of bottle, cardboard and film. If part of machine’s location is changed a little by people, the work of the machine will not affected. Through count impulse, the film quantity could be counted. When the film is not enough, there will be automatic alarm. Temperature in the passage is automatically adjusted in a constant temperature. The transmission and cut of the film is also automatically controlled.
  • Sphere of application is wide
    As the machine adopts adjustable device, the sphere of application is wide. The round bottle’s diameter is Φ50~Φ90mm, height is 200~350mm. Each pack could contain 4 to 16 bottles.
  • Safe and reliable
    The protection door of the machine is drawable. While the machine is at work and the protection is opened, the machine would stop working automatically.

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