Project Description

Stand-up pouch filling capping machine(with lid)


This machine is full automatic production line with such processes: automatic pouch-loading, fixed-position filling, cleaning spout, cap feeding and inserting, pouch position testing, cap screwing (applying magnetic adjusting torque for rather stability), quality production output.

Stand-up pouch filling machine includes manual bag hanging, strong filling, material mouth cleaning, automatic cover of cover plate, automatic cover cover, electric magnetic head + gear cover, and finished product discharge. The whole machine adopts pneumatic mechanical drive and electric control. Automatic lower cover high efficiency and stability. The automatic revolving cover device has the function of automatic sliding to make the revolving cover loose properly. The parts in contact with materials and the fuselage are made of stainless steel. The products are sanitary and the machine is clean and bright. We can add or subtract some functions according to customers’ requirements. This machine has advanced structure, reasonable performance, novel and practical. Is a new type of food packaging machinery.


1. The product has a beautiful shape and a bright and clean appearance. Except the rack, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene conditions.
2. The machine adopts the combination of gas and electricity, and the container’s filling, lid release, revolving cover, etc. are completely automated to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and high efficiency.
3. The machine is equipped with photoelectric eye detection bag cover device, no bag is not filled, no cover can timely alarm the operator to check, timely adjust, and avoid waste.
4. The revolving cover device of this machine can precisely adjust the torsion resistance, ensuring that each bag cover is accurately tightened and the quality is absolutely reliable.
5. According to customer demand, automatic bag loading device can be added or decreased.

Model RM-2A RM-4A RM-6A
Filling Nozzle 2 piece 4 piece 6 piece
Packing Speed 1600 2000 bags/Hour 3200-4000 bags/Hour 5400-6000 bags/Hour
Volume 100-1000 ml (can be adjustable)
Power 1.5 Kw 1.7 Kw 2.5 kw
Voltage 220/380V 50-60Hz 1Ph or three phase     (can be customized)
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air Consumption 0.7m3/min
Dimension Main Machine: (L)1990*(W)1300*(H)1980mm
Send bag holder: (L)1200*(W)320*(H)1300mm
Main Machine: (L)2200*(W)1430*(H)1900mm
Send bag holder: (L)2200*(W)400*(H)1600mm
Main Machine: (L)2630*(W)1830*(H)1900mm
Send bag holder: (L)2000*(W)400*(H)1750mm
Weight 1200kg 1600kg 2000kg

Bag-type Pouch filling and sealing machine

The operator only needs to pack the bags one by one, and take the bag taking parts of hundreds of bag equipments at one time, and the equipment manipulator automatically takes the bags, prints the date, opens the bag, measures the blanking, seals and outputs.
1. Intelligently detect the integrity of the bag opening, no opening and no feeding.
2. The working speed can be adjusted freely by the inverter speed control device within the specified range.
3. It is equipped with advanced German Siemens PLC control, and the touch screen man-machine interface is easy to operate.
4. Overload protection, safety device. Automatic alarm prompt when a fault occurs.
5. The machine can be used for bags of different widths.

Packaging Materials PP,PE, Composite film
Size of pouch W: 90-200mm
L: 100-330mm
According to requirement will be customized
Measuring range 100-1500g
According to requirement will be customized
Capacity Max. 40 pouches per minute
Calculation error ±1g
Voltage 380V 50HZ/60HZ
Power Max. 6kw