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RO anti-filter device

Reverse osmosis is to use enough pressure to separate solvent from solution (usually using water) through reverse osmosis membrane (or semi-osmosis membrane), so it is named reverse osmosis. As a kind of high-efficiency desalination technology, the reverse osmosis technology can get rid of inorganic ion, bacillus, virus, organic substance and colloid in original water to get high-quality pure water. According to different materials’ osmotic pressure, using the reverse osmosis method larger than osmotic pressure can reach to the objective of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.
The technology of reverse osmosis has many advantages while traditional water treatment methods don’t have:
1. Reverse osmosis is to apply physical method of no phase-transition for desalination, purification in room temperature. Presently, the desalination rate of ultra thin composite membrane may be over 99.5%. Besides, it can also remove colloid, organic substance, bacillus and virus in water.
2. Water treatment takes hydraulic pressure as the impetus. Its energy consumption is the lowest among many methods.
3. It needn’t using any chemical medicament, acid or alkali to process, so there isn’t nay waste liquid, acid or alkali.
4.The reverse osmosis device can purify water continuously. The system is simple. It is convenient to operate and water quality is stable.
5. Working maintenance and equipment maintenance is little.
6.This equipment occupies small area.
It is suitable for processing large range of water, not only for salt water, sea water or even sewage, but also for the processing of fresh water.

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