Project Description

sticker labeling machine

Bottle Adhesive Labeling Machine (single sided, double sided, three sided)
Multi-function Round Bottle Adhesive Labeling Machine
Automatic Round Labeling Machine Function:
It is special suitable for the cylinder containers of wine, food, cosmetic and medicaments.
Major features and performance:
The machine are adopted the touching display operation, easy and intuitive, fully function. Adopted Siemens control system, make machine more stable reliable in operation and long
working time.
Fittings Selection:
Transparent label sensor Synchronous hot coding printer, thermal transfer machine, ink jet printing machine.

Production speed 1-30m/min
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Labeling max width 120mm-125mm
Weight 250KG- 450KG
Label inner diameter cp76.2mm
Label outer diameter cp350 mm
Outline size 2100*900*1300 mm / 3000*1300*1400 mm
Using power 220 V 50Hz 2200W