Project Description

Tape carton packing machine

1. Automatic carton forming machine
2. Automatic bottle into carton machine
3. Automatic carton sealing machine

This machine adopts the vertical storage cardboard method, and can replenish the carton at any time. It is suitable for automatic opening and closing of the carton of various sizes, and completes the packaging process of carton suction box, unpacking, forming, folding bottom and back sealing. If you need to change the carton specifications, you can adjust it manually, the time required is 1-2 minutes; the whole machine adopts continuous system and the machine runs accurately; the automatic warning reminds the supplementary carton; the unpacking machine adopts PLC+ display control, which is greatly convenient to operate. An automated production line that is essential for automated scale production. The machine has stable performance, reliable quality, strong applicability, high packaging efficiency, long service life and high automation. Can also be customized according to customer needs. Widely used in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, daily chemicals, toys, electronics and other domestic and foreign industries.

Technology parameter

Machine typeRM-KX15
Power/power380V 50/60HZ 300W
Applicable cartonL: 200-450 W: 150-400 H: 100-400MM
Sealing speed8-15 cases / minute
Tape width48/60/75MM
Using air pump6-7KG
Machine sizeL2000*W1900*H1450MM (excluding output line, need to be equipped separately)

Bottle forming process

Automatic bottle into carton machine

On the basis of the characteristics of various carton machines at home and abroad, in order to adapt to the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, the newly developed fully automatic drop-type carton machine has a wide application range, small floor space, more reliable performance and simple operation. It is widely used in high-speed packaging of various plastic bottled products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, beverage and other industries. It is suitable for automatic packing of bottled products of various specifications and completes the packaging production line.
● The packing system can be adjusted according to the specifications of the carton and packaging materials used by the customer. The customer does not need to make another carton because of the application of the automatic packing system, which reduces the use cost;
● The packing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the stacking code is neat. The packing system is in a leading position in China. A number of patented technologies have been adopted to ensure high-speed packaging of packaging materials.
● According to the packing requirements, the products can be arranged automatically.
● New design and compact structure.
● Wide range of applications, can be applied to a variety of bottles; barrels; potted products boxed.
● It is especially suitable for use with packaging lines.
● PLC program control, simple operation and stable operation.

Technology parameter

Machine typeRM-ZX15
Power/power380V 50/60HZ 3KW
Applicable ProductsMineral water, beverages, lubricants, soy sauce, shampoo, detergent, shower gel, aerosol, etc.
Packing speed8-15 cases / minute
Tape width48/60/75MM
Use air source6-7KG
Machine size1500*1200*1800MM

Automatic carton sealing machine

1.It adopts international advanced finishing equipment processing and selects international famous brand accessories.
2.The main color of this adhesive tape sealing machine is milky white, which can be equipped with the color of the machine suitable for the corresponding production line according to the customer’s needs;
3.The volume is light, the pulleys are complementary, the displacement is very flexible, and it is more convenient to install and debug.
4.According to the carton specifications, manually adjust the width and height, which is simple, fast and convenient;
5.The adhesive tape sealing machine is suitable for the lighter carton sealing after the product is packed, and the sealing effect is flat, standardized and beautiful;
6.Sealed with instant tape, economical and easy to adjust, the upper and lower sealing actions can be completed at one time.
7.Carton sealing machines have been widely used in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, daily chemicals, automobiles, cables, electronics and other industries at home and abroad.

Technology parameter

Machine typeRM-FX15
Power/power220V 50/60HZ 0.24KW
Applicable cartonL150-CO*W150-500MM*H120-500MM
Packing speed8-15 cases / minute
Tape width48MM/60MM/72MM
Machine weight150KG
Machine sizeL1020*W850*H1350MM (without front and rear roller frame)