Tea/Juice Hot Filling Line

The material of the bottles can be PET, glass and so on.It can achieve the replacement of different bottles only by exchanging equivalent parts.

Satisfying different customers' different requirements about the production capacity: from 3000-21000/BPH

juice beverage filling, tea beverage filling and fruit beverage filling etc.

The Technical Parameter of the Juice & Tea Beverage Hot Filling Machine:
Model Washing Heads Filling Heads Capping heads Production capacity (b/h) Main motor power (kw)
CBL18-18-6R 18 18 6 5000 3.5
CBL24-24-8R 24 24 8 8000 4.5
CBL32-32-10R 32 32 10 12000 6
CBL40-40-10R 40 40 10 15000 6.5
CBL50-50-12R 50 50 12 18000 8
CBL60-60-15R 60 60 15 21000 12

Features of the Hot Filling Machines:
• Full filling is to avoid bottles from sinking after the bottles cooling off, and to decrease dissolved oxygen to the utmost extent.
• Reasonable structured storage hopper and material supply system keep material in the constant flow speed, constant pressure and without frothing. Usually high position tank is adopted.
• The storage hopper has the characteristic of gas discharge, full sealing and temperature detecting. In moderate and high speed production line, the material distributor replaces the big liquid tank to realize the complete CIP.
• Sanitary filling head system is of umbrella structure, high filling speed.
• Perfect filling temperature control system.
• Return tank system has the function of supplying the material automatically.

• Perfect CIP system

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