The prepared juice beverage needs to be sterilized before filling. Hot sterilization is the most common technics. And according to the product’s characteristics, the matched filling technics and the shelf life, UHT and HTST are also available.UHT refers to keeping the material over 130℃ for several seconds. While HTST refers to keeping the material at 95℃ for 30 seconds. Either technics is similar in the working principle, and has the function of heating and heat preserving.
The heat exchanger has plate type, tube type, sylphon bellows type, etc. For the pulp product and high viscosity product, the tube type exchanger is a must, in avoid of blockage. Also the tube type exchanger has a higher resistance capacity, but the production cost is higher than that of the plate type exchanger. For the cloudy juice and milk juice beverage, we recommend tube type UHT; for the clear juice beverage, we recommend plate type heat exchanger.
Main components of the UHT/HTST: steam heating unit ( steam heat exchanger and valves), Overheated water unit( hot water tank), multisection heat exchanger, holding tube, product pump, hot water pump, balance tank, frame, pipes and so on.

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