Project Description

Automatic Glass Bottled Red Wine Filling Capping 3 In 1 Bottling Machinery Manufacturer

Red wine Filling Machine
>>Washing part is made up of lifting device, the main transmission device, the fixed frame, clamp device, distributor, and open clamp cams and over turn cams etc.
>>Lifting device is used to adjust the height of the rotary tables and clamps of machine to adapt to the bottle height. Its power comes from the lifting lever. Lever rotates drive screw rotation to realize the rotary tables lift.
>>When the clamp rotate to star wheel with rotating table, bottle into the middle of clamp, open clamp cam close the clip claw and clip the bottleneck with the rotating clamp. When rotary tables to rotate, clamp pieces will rotate with over turn cam, guide cams rotates around over turn cam and flip the bottleneck to 180 degree till the bottle mouth is top downwards and directly face the spray nozzle, then the clean water in the spray nozzle sprays and wash the inside of the bottle, Drain, turn 180 degree downwards and then goes out from the star wheel.
>>Filling part adopts vacuum negative pressure type, high precision filling valve and powerful negative pressure vacuum pump to ensure the liquid level of the equipment filling. Also equipped with an adjustable bottle screw. The soft tray system protects the bottle from broken bottles.
>>Capping part is made up of cap holder, capping sildeway, capping upper part, capping lower part, elevating part and anti-circling column.
>>The up and down movement of the capping nozzle is driven by the capping cam, which is fixed. The crown caps are sending to the cap sildeway by a mixer in the cap container, and then slid to the capping mould of the capping nozzle.
>>The capping nozzle is driven by power and move in circle. The capping nozzle would move upword and downward one time in each circle of the capping. The cam, set up in the upper fixed part of the capping machine, controls the upward and downward movement of the capping nozzle.
>>After the bottle is transmitted from the filling machine, the capping nozzles have been fed with a bottle cap. The capping nozzles moves downwards the bottle under the capping platform driven by cam guildeway, then the bottle cap with the aid of the damping ring.

Item CGFD-G12-12-6 CGFD-G18-18-6 CGFD-G24-24-8 CGFD-G32-32-8
Capacity 2000bph(500ml) 3000bph(500ml) 4000bph(500ml) 6000bph(500ml)
Rising heads 12 18 24 32
Filling heads 12 18 24 32
Capping heads 6 6 8 8
Bottle Diameter Commonly 50-100mm (can adjustable)
Bottle Height Commonly 150-310mm(can adjustable)
Rising pressure 0.2-0.25Mpa
Overall size 2130*1700*2350 2450*1800*2350 2780*2200*2350 3600*2650*2350
Weight 3.3t 3.5t 4.5t 5.5t
Suitable cap shape Cork,crown cover,aluminum screw cap28 or 30 mm

Full Auto 3 in 1 Red Wine Bottle Washing Filling Sealing Machine

Product description:
Red wine filling machine belongs to special filling equipment. This machine is a three-machine joint device that combines a fully automatic flip type rinsing machine, a fully automatic all-position filling machine and a fully automatic tamping machine on the basis of a single machine with excellent technical quality.The power between the equipment is consistent, the bottle is stable and consistent, and there is no bottle-bottle in the middle link. It is not easy to pour the bottle, short path, low failure rate, high efficiency, saving people’s electricity.It solves the shortcomings of transmission cost between equipment. It is suitable for the filling of liquids such as wine, juice, mineral water, soy sauce and vinegar without gas. It is especially suitable for filling containers with relatively high liquid level.


(1) The use of elastic and powerful manipulators to grasp bottles, turn bottles, rinsing bottles, empty bottles, flip reset, bottle out and other processes, to achieve fully automated production.
(2) The stamping parts and casting materials of the manipulator are all made of high quality 304 material, which guarantees the corrosion resistance of the material.
(3) Continuous tracking type rinsing efficiency is high, and the rinsing effect is stable and reliable.
(4) The manipulator has the characteristics of accurate positioning of the bottle, free movement of the flipping, etc. The sealing performance of the flushing valve is good, and the punching force is large and the bottleneck is neutral.
(5) The bottle screw and star wheel made by CNC machining center are used to enter and exit the bottle, and the bottle is accurately introduced into the bottle guide rail, which solves the problem of squeeze bottle, card bottle, bottle blocking and bottle breaking.
(6) Just press the lifting button and replace the corresponding bottle diameter star wheel, then you can replace the bottle with different bottle diameter and bottle height.

Washing Part
The bottle washer adopts powerful jaws and works reliably. Each jaw is equipped with a control water spray device, the upper bottle is flushed, no bottle is not washed, and water is saved. For bottles of different heights, the machine is equipped with an electric lifting system, which can be completed with the click of a button, saving time and effort. Equipped with a bottle screw, it can be adjusted. For bottles with different bottle diameter difference, you can use it without adjusting the screw.

Filling part
The filling machine adopts vacuum negative pressure type, high precision filling valve and powerful negative pressure vacuum pump to ensure the liquid level of the equipment filling. Also equipped with an adjustable bottle screw. The soft tray system protects the bottle from broken bottles.
Capping part
The plugging machine draws on Italian technology and combines with the actual production situation of China to ensure the quality of the plug and meet the diverse requirements of China’s bottle type. The precision of the congestion device, the main action is completed by the cam to ensure its reliability; no bottle is not plugged down, saving costs.

Model capacity
Washing part Filling part Capping part Power Size
Water consumption Washer No Type Filler No Type Capper No
CGP-16-16-1 3000 1.8 16 Low vacuum filling 16 Cork stopper 1 5.4 3250×1500×2150
CGP-24-24-4 5000 2.0 24 Low vacuum filling 24 Cork stopper 4 6.2 1800×2750×2450
CGP-30-24-8 8000 2.1 30 Low vacuum filling 24 Cork stopper 8 7.5 3950×2750×2450