PE Plastic Pulverizer

Recycle Plastic Waste to Make Profit

The Brand-new MP series plastic pulverizer belongs to the disc-type pulverizer series, which disc diameter from 350mm to 800mm. This pulverizer is high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials, for example PE, PVC, PP, ABS, PA, EVA, PET, PS, PPS, EPS, PC, Foam, Cow leather and so on.



Applications: One of the main usage of MP series plastic pulverizer is the pulverization of PE for roto molding applications. In this process, a screening machine is necessary to ensure the right output size, other applications are the working in the line with a shredder and crusher to have a balance and efficient system to handle in house production waste.


1.Low power consumption, high capacity 2.Simple structure and easy installation. 3.Host with the wind ,water circulation cooling system. 4.This Plastic pulverizer can deal with PE, LLDPE, LDPE, ABS, EVA, PET, PP etc.


Vibration sieve: Made of stainless steel Use the latest design to expand the filtration area and increase output Filter mesh can be according to customer requirements

Milling chamber and bearing: Use of imported bearings Double layer chamber design, Cooling by circulating water.

Control cabinet: All kind of electric parts is Siemens and Schneider. Or according customer requirements. Including emergency stop device

Disk type milling


Diameter of milling chamber(mm)350500600800
Motor power(kw)22-3037-455575
CoolingWater cooling + natural cooling   
Air Blower power(kw)345.57.5
Fineness of LDPE power30 to 100mm adjustable   
Blade materialSKD-11 or D53SKD-11 or D53SKD-11 or D53SKD-11 or D53
Output of pulverizer(kg/h)100-150150-200250-300300-400
Dimension (mm)1800h1600*38001900*1700*39001900*1500*30002300*1900*4100
Weight (kg)1300160015003200


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